DUI Resources

The two major resources you need to satisfy post-DUI requirements.

Interlock Devices

In order to get their license back right away, many people opt in to get an interlock device.

We have partnered with an interlock device provider that gives you:

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    A low profile, modern system that is incredibly easy to use.

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    Free installation and your first month free.

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    Immediate support if you run into any issues.

To learn more about this system and get a referral, please contact us now and we'll get you set up in hours.

A woman checking her breathalyzer that reads zero indicating she can drive.

DUI Classes

We’ll assist you in finding the DUI school that is the best fit for your location and schedule through the Driving Under The Influence Program.

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    We've successfully referred hundreds of clients to programs that have fit in their schedule.

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    Our referrals and help in finding the right class are 100% free.

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    By working with JHIS the whole DUI process is made affordable, simple and manageable.

To get a recommendation on which please contact us now and we’ll recommend the class that best suits your needs or click here to see a list of all the DUI classes in California.

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