A Comprehensive List of the Best California SR22 Car Insurance Companies

Which Auto Insurance Provider Is Best When You Need an SR22

Who To Choose When You Need To Fill Your SR22 Requirement

You could need to get an SR22 for any number of reasons, but by the time you need one, you don’t have the luxury of waiting around. So who should you choose? We’ve got a list of the best SR22 Insurance companies including those that you’ve heard of, and a few you haven’t.

Why You Need a Top Rated Insurance Company

Any company that is an AM Best Rated must meet eligibility requirements; be stable, provide good service, have quick claim service, and put aside three time the money they take on. The horror stories of claims taking weeks, or never being paid off despite eligibility are more often than not from Non AM Best Rated companies.

Bottom Line: If you want the best SR22 insurance provider, they need to be AM Best rated. But as you’ll see, being best rated doesn’t mean they have to be expensive.

Our Top 8 List

After 10 years of working with SR22 insurance companies, taking care of customers with multiple accidents, suspensions, or violations, we’ve developed our list of the top 8 most reliable and budget-friendly SR22 companies.

Before we start, we couldn’t possibly fit everyone that we’ve worked with in here. When we give free quotes to our customers, we check over 50 different companies to find the absolute best fit. If you want this to be done for you, just click here. If you want to decide for yourself, read on!


Progressive is one of our top insurance carriers. Sometimes it is not the most competitive, but many customers feel more secure with a known name. Progressive is an AM Best rated company, is stable, has broad coverage with no restrictions, and is known for good service and fast claim processes. Depending on the customer’s needs and feel for security, going with Progressive is the best choice despite the higher cost.

Kemper Specialty

Kemper Specialty is also another good option. It’s AM Best Rated, has almost no restrictions, is stable and has been around for over 100 years. The reason Kemper can offer such great prices is the same reason you probably haven’t heard of them: they don’t do a lot of advertising. The money that other companies put into advertising, Kemper Specialty keeps to help their members save. If you’re looking for a reliable, budget friendly choice, going with Kemper is a great plan.

National General

National General also has a range of good options and programs, depending on budget and needs. They’re AM Best Rated, have options for higher limits, stable and founded in 1948. They’re an all around reliable choice, but they are strict with drivers that are involved in an accident with a DUI. Depending on the type of policy you have, some require taking your vehicle to an approved auto body shop by the carrier after an accident.

Foremost and Bristol West

Foremost or Bristol West are the non-standard companies of Farmers, who we also are appointed with. These two companies combine the security of a big company like Farmers, and competitive rates of a specialty insurer.


Infinity is another good carrier we are appointed with in the non-preferred, non-standard market. It is AM Best Rated, stable, and offers competitive rates. But, like National General, there are some restrictions. Depending on policy type, you may need to take your vehicle to a carrier approved shop, they are strict with accidents involving a DUI, and a household member not listed or excluded as the driver. Some clients prefer the discounts and don’t mind the restrictions in exchange for the money they’re saving after a DUI. For customers who are just looking for a competitive price and don’t mind the restrictions, Infinity can be a great choice.

Anchor General

Anchor General, another AM Best Rated company, is not as big as the other companies but is stable and can still be a good option if budget is a concern.

Bridger Auto

Bridger Auto is like Anchor General in rating but notably has strict underwriting. They’re another great choice if budget is a concern after a DUI.

Homeowners Insurance

For Homeowners insurance we are appointed with Aegis, Foremost and Pacific Specialty. All of these companies are AM Best rated and offer competitive rates.

What You Should Do Next

We at JHIS are here to help, and usually that means getting a small amount of information about your current situation, looking through the rates and coverages from 50 companies, and giving you our recommendations. Your satisfaction is our only priority. If you’re unhappy for any reason, we refund your money. No questions asked. Want to get the best possible rates on an SR22? Click here to get started.

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