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Auto Insurance can be the most costly after a DUI, Joey Hernandez Insurance Solutions can make it manageable for you with the right coverage and premium for your budget. JHIS is appointed with over 50 insurance companies and specialize with drivers with DUI’s, reckless driving, multiple violations, suspensions, SR22 requirements, and accidents.

We walk DUI clients through the DUI classes and enrollment assistance, DMV, & IID requirements with first month free and free installation, and file the required SR-22 certificate on their behalf. We take pride in giving drivers with multiple or major violations like DUI’s competitive and affordable auto insurance rates, so they can get back to their regular personal and professional life.

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For Everyone

We insure every car, and every driver. No matter what the driving history or what other provider say.

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Ultra Competitive

We’ve helped hundreds of drivers with mixed histories keep their rates manageable.

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We’re Connected

Get connected to the right provider for everything you need from interlock devices to DUI classes.

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Our Guarantee

If for whatever reason you’re unhappy with the service we provide we offer a 100% money-back guarantee.

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