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SR22 FAQ's

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Why do people get SR22 Insurance?

A California Insurance Proof Certificate (SR-22) filing is required in cases that involved major violations such as a DUI or reckless driving conviction, negligent operators, license suspensions, and failure to have liability at the time of an accident. The filing requirement period can be up to three years. Most major convictions of traffic offenses, such as hit and run, reckless driving, and driving under the influence (DUI) will remain on your record for seven to 10 years from the violation date.

Why should I hire you over other companies?

JHIS guarantees the lowest rates in California and customer satisfaction. JHIS is also partnered with the best and most competitive insurance companies after a DUI. Call us and our full customer service team of licensed agents will be ready to assist you with no phone wait times.

How much will my auto insurance premiums increase?

With other insurance companies it can quadruple after a DUI. At JHIS, we make get you signed up with handpicked, A rated insurance companies, and typically see only a small increase after a DUI conviction.

What is the average cost of SR22 Insurance?

At JHIS, the average cost for SR22 Insurance can range from as low as $150 to $500 depending on zip code, age, and driving record.

What is non-owner SR22 Insurance?

Non-owner policies are operator only policies, with no named vehicle insured. A Non-owner policy with an SR-22 Certificate is usually purchased when the insured does not own a vehicle. In order to meet the DMV’s eligibility requirements with the minimum liability coverage, to reinstate driver license.

What happens to car insurance after a DUI?

Auto insurance can be confusing after a DUI, our licensed SR22 Auto Insurance Specialists are here to help. If your car gets totaled after a DUI, you don't own a vehicle, need to file an SR22 Certificate, have a suspended license, or were convicted of a DUI and your insurance company will no longer insure you or file an SR22, JHIS is here to help. Our expertise with non-owner SR22 insurance is one of the reasons JHIS is the #1 insurance brokerage for SR22 Insurance in California.

Are certain auto insurance companies better than others after you file for an SR22?

Yes, every insurance company is different. By taking your information and comparing quotes from 50 different companies we’re able to find the best company for your needs. Here's a list of our 8 most popular insurance companies our clients choose to fulfill their SR22 requirement.

What is the difference between SR1P and SR-22?

SR1P Insurance is mostly used for drivers that were not insured during an accident. SR22 satisfies both eligibility requirements.

If I contact you, what happens next?

One of our SR22 Auto Insurance professionals will ask a few questions over the phone or email which typically takes around five minutes. After we find out what we need to know, you’ll get advice on your best options and help on what the next steps are in order to get your license back.

Our reviews speak for themselves

Five Yelp Stars

Isaac K.

Joey took care of everything quickly so that I was able to go into DMV the minutes after our converstion. He was also the lowest rate out of 6 other places I've called.

Five Yelp Stars

Darren E.

If I could give those 10 stars I would! Buddy you have saved me an incredible amount of money and I can't believe you did this at 11 o'clock at night for me!

Five Yelp Stars

Rosa A.

Joey was a breath of fresh air during a stressful time. He was extremely kind and efficient. I would recommend him to anyone.

Five Yelp Stars

PatNic O.

If you want a deal for car insurance go to Joey! After all searching for the best AND affordable coverage, Joey was by far the best. He is quick, to the point; and communicates...

Five Yelp Stars

Chantal D.

Joey Hernandez was a lifesaver...during a very stressful time I needed a copy of my registration, my current insurance company could not help me. Joey was kind...

Five Yelp Stars

Meghan H.

Joey exceeded all of my expectations! He called Monday morning after a weekend yelp message. We needed a SR-22 for my boyfriend, ASAP. Got some other quotes, but Joey...

Five Yelp Stars

Pat C.

Thanks Joey. I like your kind of service. Fast, spontaneous and reliable. What more can I say! Good job!

Five Yelp Stars

Joshua S.

Joey was a real treat to work with. He had an insurance quote ready for me in less than two hours. All I had to do was provide him my VIN# and Drivers License over the...

Five Yelp Stars

Tyler R.

Great interpersonal service. Does all he can to ensure you get a great rate. Even remained open on an off-day for over the phone consultation. Would recommend 10/10 if I...

Five Yelp Stars

Kendall D.

Joey was Excellent. It was my first time getting insurance for myself and I was completely nervous. He was knowledgeable on particular car brands and the quality behind the...

Five Yelp Stars

Ruby A.

If I could describe Joey Hernandez in one word, it would be "blessing." I am so thankful to have come across his Yelp page while looking for someone to help me out with getting...

Five Yelp Stars

Cris J.

Joey is amazing!! He's incredibly professional and really resourceful & successful at finding the best price within your budget. He's a godsend...I don't think I'll ever go...

Five Yelp Stars

Lisa T.

A late but well deserved 5 star review. Back in Sept 2018, my AAA policy was ending. I had just bought a new car and my renewal w/ new car was a whooping $275/month!!...

Five Yelp Stars

Fremont C.

Joey was extremely helpful. True professional with best pricing. He specializes in SR22 and was very knowledgeable and sharing that information so to be the...

Five Yelp Stars

Megan S.

Joey is amazing! My auto insurance rate increased immensely and instantly I went in to a panic mode not knowing what to do. After speaking with my coworker, she....

Five Yelp Stars

Chhavila S.

I filled out a form for a sr22 last Saturday and was surprised to hear back on the same day. I received a call from Mel Johnson who was at home babysitting his grandkids...

Five Yelp Stars

Bryant C.

Mel is awesome! A friendly, honest, and relatable guy that will take care of you by getting you the best deal to be had. Turning down quote after quote, I finally found Mel...

Five Yelp Stars

Mark V.

Joey was a breeze to work with. He returns calls promptly and answers all questions clearly. He is very detailed with explaining the policy and makes sure you're getting...

Five Yelp Stars

Olson L.

I am very happy with the level and quality of care I received. Joey made all process go very smoothly and very easy for someone who don't have an idea of how everything works...

Five Yelp Stars

William C.

I was referred to Joey by the DUI school, High Gain, in Santa Monica. Joey was very responsive, he got back to me in 30 mins after I left him a voicemail. He explained what...

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